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IPP has the authority of conferring Master and PhD degrees in Plant Pathology, Agricultural Entomology and Pest Control, Pesticide Science, Weed Science, Invasion Biology, GMO Safety, Biological Control, Agricultural Microbiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. The institute offers a broad range of academic programs that lead to postgraduate degrees. Currently, there are 53 PhD supervisors and 120 Master supervisors, 291 full time graduate students at PhD (78) and master (213) level. There are 18 foreign graduate students in IPP. Another more than 200 graduate students are jointly trained by IPP and other universities and institutes. As the remarkable achievement has been made in IPP, Department of International Cooperation and Graduate Student has been continuously awarded as the Excellent Administrative Unit in CAAS.

“The Scholarship of IPP for Graduate Student” has been set up to inspire up excellent students on innovative research and benefit for their career development. Postgraduate association has been founded and a lot of scientific as well as social activities have been well organized. IPP provides excellent research and living conditions, good learning environment for students.

A working station for postdoctoral research of plant protection is set up as well and currently there are 39 postdoctoral researchers in the institute. IPP has gradually developed into an important training center for advanced young scientists and extension experts of plant protection in China.

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