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The base for manufacture and application of green bio-pesticide


——National Demonstration Base for Introducing Foreign Intelligence


  The demonstration base for manufacture and application of green bio-pesticide was established in institute of plant protection (IPP), the academy of agricultural sciences (CAAS) and named as national level base by State Bureau of Foreign Expert Affairs in 2009, and renamed in 2014. The main aim of the base is to introduce and adapt the foreign intellectual property such as research technique and products of microbiological pesticide to fit the needs in the production of pollution-free farm in China. Since 2009, the main bio-pesticide product-Wuyiencin which was used to control vegetable diseases had applied and disseminated more 5000 hectares. 10 foreign experts have visited the base and the Korea bio-pesticide product-EXTN-1 was introduced, which was used to control plant disease and promote the crops growth. In 2015, the demonstration base of manufacture and application of green bio-pesticide was authorized by State bureau of foreign experts for the excellent work in service of green agriculture in China.



Bio-pesticide product: Wuyiencin   The applied range of Wuyiencin



  The effect of Wuyiencin on controlling cucumber powdery mildew and Tomato gray mold in green house



  Korean professor Park Kyungseok check the effect of bio-pesticide on the egg plant and tomato in 2009 and 2014



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