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IPP places great importance on international exchanges and cooperation, and has made great achievements, therefore, IPP was named as “National Center for International Research of Agricultural Bio-security” by Ministry of Science and Technology in 2012. IPP has established long-term cooperative partnership in the frontiers of plant protection with institutions, universities and companies from more than 30 countries or international organizations around the world. These are mainly done through various collaborative programs and initiatives, such as scientific research projects, joint laboratories, visiting professors, academic visits, joint graduate training, bilateral workshops and international conferences, etc.

Two joint laboratories and two bases for introducing talents have been established in IPP, that is MOA-CABI Joint Laboratory of Bio-safety and Sino-American Biological Control Laboratory, and one base for biological control of locusts with Metarhizium and the other for manufacture and application of green bio-pesticide. The two joint laboratories and two bases are becoming the international cooperation and exchange platforms for our scientists.

Key areas for international cooperation are mainly focused on the following aspects: Regional monitoring and management of important harmful cross-border organisms; Risk assessment and control of invasive alien species; Introduction of insect natural enemies, microorganism for biological control, and germplasm resources resistant to plant diseases and insect pests; New theories and methods for control of important harmful organisms.

More than 100 international projects have been received, and the total budget is over 135 million Yuan RMB. Many international symposiums were organized by IPP in the past few years, such as the 15th International Plant Protection Congress in 2004, the 13th International Conference on Cereal Rust and Powdery Mildew in 2012, the 1st and 2nd International Congress on Biological Invasions in 2009 and 2013, the 6th International Weed Science Congress, etc.

Additionally, many scientists in IPP serve as editors of international scientific journals while others are appointed to various international academic societies and committees, constantly strengthening exchanges and cooperation between IPP and the international scientific community. Fourteen top scientists from USA, UK, Belgium and CABI, including Prof. Xinnian Dong (Academician of American Academy of Science, from Duke University), Prof. Jan E. Leach (National Science Advisory Board for Biosafety, USA, Distinguished Professor from Colorado State University), etc, have been appointed as the visiting professors of IPP-CAAS. Dr. Ulrich Kuhlmann (the Regional Director of CABI-Switzerland Center) received “Chinese Government Friendship Award” in 2012.

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