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Annual meeting on national key research and development program “Characteristics of fate and limit standard of chemical pesticides in different planting systems in China”
Research Update
The Innovation Team for Functional Genomics of Pathogenesis and Host Resistance was invited to published a review entitled “The bC1 protein of Geminivirus-Betasatellite Complexes: a target and repressor of host defenses” on Molecular Plant
Fluorophore-free luminescent double-shelled hollow mesoporous silica nanoparticles as pesticide delivery vehicles
which were particularly suitable for in vivo optical imaging. Mycelia of P. aspar-agi treated with pesticide loaded F-DSH-MSNs exhibited strong fluorescence under a laser excitation wavelength of...
A geminivirus C4 hijacks NbSKη to induce abnormal cell division
Introgression between divergent corn borer species in a region of sym-patry: Implications on the evolution andadaptation of pest arthropods
Prof. WANG Zhenying Research Group made a progress in research on genetics of genus Os-trinia species not only found the hybrid individuals in nature for the first time but also illus-trated the introgression between divergent corn borer species in sympatry region. The re-search finding was published online in MOLECULAR ECOLOGY, entitled “Introgression be-tween divergent corn borer species in a region of sympatry: Implications on the evolution an-dadaptation of pest arthropods”
Identification and functional analysis of two P450 enzymes of Gossypi-um hirsutum involved in DMNT and TMTT biosynthesis
Recently, team for economic crop pest monitoring and control, IPP of CAAS, made advances in research on the homoterpenes biosynthetic pathways of indirect upland cotton defense. The results entitled “Identification and functional analysis of two P450 enzymes of Gossypi-um hirsutum involved in DMNT and TMTT biosynthesis” was published online by Plant Bio-technology Journal.
International Cooperation Update
The First International Congress of Biological Control was held on May 14th-16th 2018, Beijing
Biological control is developing rapidly all over the world, and the progress in basic research, application technology and product development are significant in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australasia. With request of environmental protection and green development, bio-logical control pests have attracted a great deal of attention from all governments. The Chi-nese government has established “green growth and ecological development” as a great aim to build a future ecological civilization. Green, ecological and healthy development was the main theme of global development.
In order to facilitate the development of biological control worldwide, the First International Congress of Biological Control(ICBC-1), co-hosted by CAAS, the International Organization for Biological Control (IOBC) and the China Society of Plant Protection, was held in Beijing on May 14th-16th, 2018. Over 1,000 experts of biological control, from more than 40 countries, attended the congress, and 12 prominent experts were invited to give plenary lectures.Read more >>
Delegation of the United Kingdom visited IPP-CAAS
On June 11th 2018, a UK delegation led by Kenneth Wilson, professor in Lancaster University, visited IPP-CAAS accompanied by Dr. XU Pengjun, Tobacco Research Institute, CAAS. Prof. QIU Dewen, DDG of IPP-CAAS met with the UK delegation. During the visit, Prof. QIU Dewen welcomed UK delegation’s visit, he briefed the delegation on the layout of the IPP-CAAS, the research disciplines, achievements in basic and applied researches and internation-al cooperation between IPP-CAAS and institutes in other countries. Prof. QIU Dewen also ex-pressed hope to continuously consolidate the traditional friendship and further strengthen cooperation between the IPP-CAAS and research institute in UK in plant protection. Prof. CHEN Julian, the Director of Department of International Cooperation and Graduate Stu-dents, IPP-CAAS, Prof. GAO Li, Deputy Director of Department of International Cooperation and Graduate Students, IPP-CAAS, attended and hosted the meeting.Read more >>
MARA - CABI Joint Laboratory for Bio-safety celebrated the 10th anniversary
300 delegates from more than 50 countries. The Joint Lab has organized more than 50 South-South Cooperation technical training courses and trained over 1, as well as international resources of CA... Read more >>
5th joint training course for “Biostatistics and Experiment Design” was held at IPP-CAAS
The Sino-Norwegian international cooperation project Sinograin II was launched at IPP-CAAS
The 14th Chinese Nematology Symposium was held in Baoding
The 2018 Science and Technology Award Presentation Confer-ence of Chinese Society of Plant Protection was held in Xi’an
  The 2018 Science and Technology Award Presentation Conference of Chinese socie-ty of plant protection was held in Xi’an on Oct. 25th. The Science and Technology Award of Chinese Society of Plan... Read more >>
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