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Introduction to Jilin Gongzhuling Field Experimental Station for Pest Monitoring and Control, CAAS

Jilin Gongzhuling Field Experimental Station for Pest Monitoring and Control, CAAS, locates in Gongzhuling City, Jilin Province. Gongzhuling is situated in the 'Golden Maize Belt'. The weather and soil conditions fit very well for the growth of maize and the quality of maize is superior. The buildings for experiment and living used to belong to Jilin Academy of Agricultural Sciences(JAAS), and was constructed in 1985. The area of the buildings is 4800 m2. As the Station locates in the middle-west of Jilin Province and the center of Songliao Plain, the environment, the ecological features, crop types and diseases and insect pests are representative of the region,and the Station is suitable for monitoring and experiments of pests in Northeast China. The area of the Station is more than 13 ha. The cooperative institution JAAS provides free tenement (4800 m2) to IPP, CAAS, and this will be valid for 30 years. A comprehensive building (1000 m2) for monitoring and warning of crop pests and the control,and for the technical consulting and training has been constructed.

At present, '973' program 'Researches on the Time-Space Evolution of Agricultural Disasters Mediated by Climate Change', national Key Technology R&D Program 'Researches on the Control Technologies Used in Significant Pests in Agriculture and Forestry' and 'Researches on the control Technology of Significant Pests in Three Crops in Main Grain Production Regions' and related programs from Natural Science Foundation of China have been under conducting at the Station.

Director of Station: Dr. WANG Zhenying
Tel.: 86-10-62815945

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