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Key Laboratory for Integrated Crop Pests Management,

China Ministry of Agriculture

Key Laboratory for Integrated Crop Pests Management, China Ministry of Agriculture (China MOA), was approved by China MOA in July 2011 and the supporting institution is IPP, CAAS. The Laboratory is one of the key laboratories with comprehensive functions under Discipline Group of Integrated Crop Pests Management. The Laboratory is responsible for advising 15 professional/regional key laboratories, 2 industrial laboratories and 29 monitoring and experimental stations in agricultural sciences under 'the Discipline Group', organizing collaboration and communication and condensing important scientific questions and medium/long term research targets. The Laboratory also lays down work regulations and plans, conducts science and technology innovations and undertakes national programs together with other institutions. Talent cultivation and the international exchange are systematically planned in the Laboratory and the sharing of scientific resources and orderly flow of achievement information are propelled.

The main research directions include the basic researches in biology of pests and the reasons of pest outbreaks in major crops, the technology researches in monitoring and forecasting and IPM. The relationship between the occurrence of pests and the environment, the co-evolution mechanisms of pests-hosts-natural enemies, the resistance mechanisms in hosts and the utilization against pests, the resistance of pests to pesticides and the management and various effective control methods and techniques are also the interested areas for scientists in the Laboratory.

The General Director of the Key Laboratory for Integrated Crop Pests Management is Prof. CHEN Wanquan. The Standing Directors are Profs. ZHENG Yongquan and WAN Fanghao. The Scientific Committee is composed of 26 scientists working in the disciplines related to plant protection. There are five academicians among them. Academician FANG Rongxiang is the Director of the Committee, Deputy Directors are Academician LI Yu, Profs. PENG Yufa and ZHOU Xueping.

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