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Center for Management of Invasive Alien Species, China Ministry of


The emblem of Center for Management of Invasive Alien Species, CMIAS, composes of an abstract circle and two spots. The spot inside the circle symbolizes the invasive alien species that are already under control. The one outside the circle indicates the invasive alien species that have not been discovered or are under study for their control strategies. This emblem manifests that the study on invasive alien species is an area full of challenge. The color of the emblem is green. This symbolizes that the studies on the issues of invasive alien species must be natural eco-system oriented while introducing traditional and high technology. The losses brought about by alien species must be gradually reduced and alien species need to be rationally utilized. We expect the day when human and other organisms coexist harmoniously.

Established in 2003, CMIAS bases on the discipline system in Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and has integrated the resources of personnel and scientific research in invasive alien species, united with other research institutions and universities and formed a talented team that pursues the researches on invasive alien species. The administration of CMIAS follows the principle of open, personal turnover, dynamic adjustment and encouragement and innovation. CMIAS has built a platform with advanced equipments and facilities that can satisfy the requirement from the researches in invasive alien species.

To protect biological diversity, ecological safety and economic safety, CMIAS commits herself to preventing and controlling the threat from invasive alien species to agricultural production, containing the spread, dispersal and detriment of invasive alien species in ecological systems like farmland, forest, grassland, wetland, freshwater and natural conservation area.

CMIAS aims at to be a national base for researches in prevention and control of invasive alien species and for personnel training; a supporting base for enacting national standards that provide risk assessment of invasive alien species and their rapid detection systems and a national decision and advice base for formulating warning and forecasting, detecting and monitoring and controlling and crisis management of invasive alien species.

CMIAS mainly conducts the following researches while focusing on prevention, control and management of invasive alien species:

1. Establish an invasive alien species database and a data sharing platform and systems for early warning of species invasion and risk prediction;
2. Develop technology for rapid molecular biological detection, surveillance and monitoring. Establish techniques and procedures for emergency control of invasive species disasters and public crisis;
3. Study potential route of spread and dispersal of invasive species and the mechanisms. Establish technical systems for blocking and eradicating;
4. Establish assessment models and means for the ecological and economic impacts of species invasion;
5. Broaden and innovate the techniques and ways for control, ecological regulation and ecological restoration of alien invasive species. Establish sustainable integrated prevention and management systems for invasive species.

Since the establishment of the Center, she has undertaken many important international and domestic programs, such as 973 Program Basic Research on Mechanism of Dangerous Biological Invasion in Agriculture and Forestry, National Science and Technology Basic Conditions Platform Project Risk Warning of Invasive Alien Species and the Assessment of the Impact on Ecology and Economy, MOA project Risk Assessment of Alien Invasive Species and the Study on the Control Technology, etc. CMIAS has achieved considerable results, such as the publication of a 1.5 million-character monogram, Biology and Control of Important Invasive Alien Species in Agriculture and Forest, and hosting of important international conferences. CMIAS has gained good prestige and standing abroad and home.


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