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MOA Supervision and Test Center for Pesticide Application Assessment (Beijing)


Brief Introduction
MOA Supervision and Test Center for Pesticide Application Assessment (Beijing) is a supervision and test agency at ministerial level for inspecting and testing quality and safety of agricultural products approved to be established at IPP-CAAS by Ministry of Agriculture. The Center passed three appraisals 2007, 2010 and 2013, respectively and changed to current name for the Center. The Center became a statutory body with a status of third party after the appraisals and is a public non-profitable technical service agency dealing with assessments of bio-activity of pesticide, quality of agro-chemical products and residue supervision and inspection.

Main Mission
The Center undertakes the assessment of pesticide effectiveness and environment safety, general survey and assessment of pesticide quality and pesticide residue, R&D of detection and testing technology and formulation and amendment of standards. The Center carries out studies on comparison analyses of quality and safety of agricultural products and international exchange. The missions include investigation, identification and estimation on major accidents and disputes of pesticide bio-activity and environmental safety and residue and entrusted verifications like authentication and arbitration. The Center is in charge of technical consultation and service in related quality safety and technical instruction and training of local quality inspection agencies.

Director of the Center: Pro. ZHENG Yongquan
Tel. 86-10-62815908

Deputy Director (Adjunct Technical Director): Pro. JIANG Hongyun
Tel.: +86-10-62893622
Email: hyjiang@

Deputy Director (Adjunct Quality Director): Pro. HUANG Qiliang
Tel.: +86-10-62816909

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