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A paper published by the Research Group of Economic Crop Viral Diseases was recommended in F1000Prime


The work entitled “Functional analysis of a viroid RNA motif mediating cell-to-cell movement in Nicotiana benthamiana”, conducted by Prof. Li Shifang's research group was first published in the Journal of General Virology in 2017. The work provided evidence that loop19, a symmetric A/C loop, in Potato spindle tuber viroid (PSTVd) played a role in mediating RNA trafficking from palisade mesophyll to spongy mesophyll in N. benthamiana leaves, and this symmetric A/C loop provided a useful model system in which to investigate the relationship between the 3D structure of a non-coding RNA and its biological functions. The findings and approaches in this study have broad impacts on studying the RNA motifs mediating trafficking of RNAs across specific cellular boundaries in other biological systems.

Recently, it has been found that this paper was recommended as “New Finding” in F1000Prime by Dr. Vitaly Citovsky, a well-known scientist in molecular and cell biology from the Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, State University of New York at Stony Brook, NY, USA. F1000Prime is an expert-driven discovery and evaluation tool, in which over 8,000 leading experts from across the globe monitor the literature and give their opinion on the most impactful research according to the contribution degree and scientific value. F1000Prime provides peer-reviewed article recommendations from published medical and biological literature and only a very small number of excellent papers (less than 0.2%) within a month will be recommended to readers. In addition, PubMed link of the recommended paper will also be provided. Therefore, recommendation for one paper on F1000prime means a high degree of recognition for the authors' work.


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