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China Society of Plant Protection (CSPP), founded in 1962, is a member of the China Association for Science and Technology(CAST) and a nongovernmental and academic organization for plant protection in China. The goals of the CSPP are to unite the plant protection scholars throughout China to contribute to the advancement of the science and the technology, to further the development of plant protection and to promote collaboration and exchange of information in the research and the extension in the plant protection sciences and technology among her members.

CSPP has played an important role in bridging for communication, promulgation and development of science and technology in plant protection since the founding of CSPP 50 years ago. CSPP has been pursuing her mission by organizing domestic and international academic exchanges, presiding over the publication of periodicals, undertaking trainings in plant protection, providing advisory services and disseminating plant protection knowledge. More recently, CSPP carries out peer reviewing and approving of science and technology awards in plant protection and recommends talented scientists or young scientists to China Association for Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering or other institutions or organizations.

Now, CSPP has more than 20,000 individual members who work in universities/colleges, scientific research institutions, extension services and enterprises. The Society is composed of 19 working committees, sub-societies and professional committees and has close collaboration with 31 provincial (local) societies for plant protection.

The General Assembly, held quadrennially, is the highest authority of the CSPP. When the General Assembly is not in session, the Council exerts the authority.

The current Council of CSPP, for the 11th session from 2013-2017, consists of 176 members. Among them, there are 59 standing members. The leaders of the current Council include:

Honorary president: HUANG Kexun, CHENG Zhuomin,WU Kongming
President:CHEN Wanquan

Vice president: WAN Fanghao, MA Qi, MA Wanjie, ZHU Youyong, ZHANG Qingwen,
CHEN Shengdou, CHEN Hongjun, ZHOU Changyong, KANG Le, Gu Baogen, YU Dazhao

General Secretary: WANG Zhenying

1. Working Committee of Science Dissemination (Chairman: YANG Puyun)
2. Working Committee of Youth (Chairman: LU Yanhui )
3. Working Committee of Extension of Plant Protection Products (Chairman: ZHENG Yongquan)
4. Sub-Society for Agrochemicals ( Chairman: ZHOU Zhiqiang)
5. Sub-Society for Weed Sciences (Chairman: ZHANG Chaoxian)
6. Sub-Society for Plant Quarantine ( Chairman: ZHANG Li)
7. Sub-Society for Biological Invasions ( Chairman: WAN Fanghao)
8. Professional Committee of Forecasting of Plant Disease and Insect Pests (Chairman: LIU Wancai)
9. Professional Committee of Plant Protection Systems Engineering (Chairman: ZHOU Yilin)
10. Professional Committee of Plant Resistance to Diseases and Insect Pests (Chairman: MA Zhanhong)
11. Professional Committee of Biological Control (Chairman: QIU Dewen)
12. Professional Committee of Rodent Control (Chairman: ZHONG Tianrun)
13. Professional Committee of Garden Plant Diseases and Insect Pests Control (Chairman: ZHANG Youjun)
14. Professional Committee of Information Technology for Plant Protection (Chairman: CHENG Dengfa)
15. Professional Committee of Biological Safety (Chairman: YE Gongyin)
16. Professional Committee of Equipment and Pesticide Application Technology for Plant Protection (Chairman: SHAO Zhenrun)
17. Professional Committee of Allelopathy (Chairman: KONG Chuihua)
18. Professional Committee of Grape Disease and Insect Pests Control ( Chairman: WANG Zhongyue)
19. Professional Committee of Tropical Crops Disease and Insect Pests Control ( Chairman: YI Kexiang)

CSPP, as the first sponsor, publishes two journals: Journal of Plant Protection, former Acta Phytophylacica Sinica, founded in 1962, and Plant Protection, founded in 1963. Journal of Plant Protection focuses, from different disciplines, on the progress in the basic researches on plant pathogens, nematodes, insect pests, weeds, rodents, etc., the hosts, the host-pest relationship and the agro-environment in which the organisms survive and is an important publication for Chinese scientists working in the areas of plant protection. The journal is as well a window for international communication. Plant Protection serves agricultural production and practical parties and pays attention more to the technical development in plant protection.

In addition, as the second sponsor, CSPP collaboratively sponsors other three journals: Plant Quarantine, Chinese Journal of Biological Control, and Journal of Biosafety. All of the five journals are published in Chinese with English abstract.

CSPP edits also a quadrennial volume of China Society of Plant Protection Newsletter and distributes it free of charge to CSPP members. The Newsletter renews the society charter, the information for the Council and the branches and records the activities and events held by the Society and her branches. Such, the communications are promoted among the members of the Society.

CSPP is the Affiliate Member of International Association for the Plant Protection Sciences. She has sent delegations to attend International Plant Protection Congress (IPPC) since 1979 and successfully held the 15th IPPC in Beijing in July 2004. CSPP is also a member in Governing Board of IAPPS since 2004.

The CSPP headquarters is based at the Institute of Plant Protection, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and incorporates with the scientists in the institute.

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