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Leaders from CAAS inspected Langfang experimental station of IPP-CAAS

On May 31, 2019. Mr. ZHANG Hecheng, Secretary of the Leading Party Group, CAAS, and Mr. FENG Zhongwu, Vice Presidents of CAAS, visited Langfang experimental station. They inspected the research facilities including the greenhouse, bio-pesticide pilot laboratory, pesticide factory, and listened to scientific reports on the work of the station. They also had discussions with the head of the station and the staff of the pesticide factory.

ZHANG Hecheng highly praised the infrastructure construction, scientific and technological innovation, academic exchanges and industrial services of Langfang experimental station. He also expressed his respects to all professors and students working at the station, and the staff of the pesticide factory.

DDG LU Yanhui reported on the work of Langfang station and General Manager CHEN Chang reported on the work of Zhong Bao Group Company. After that, ZHANG Hecheng learned the history, present situation and function of Langfang station, operation and management mode of station from the board display. He pointed out that the station had accurate function orientation, and good experience should be summarized, for further improvement and utilization. In terms of difficulties of the Langfang station, relevant departments should provide full support to solve them. The leaders of CAAS also provided guidance on the operation and development of the Langfang station.

A number of high officials from related departments of CAAS, including Mr. REN Tianzhi, DG of the Department of Science and Technology Management, Mr. WANG Shumin, DG of Department of Achievement Transformation, Mr. LIU Xianwu, DG of Department of Infrastructure Department, Mr. LV Chunsheng, DG of the Logistics Service Center, Mr. WU Shengjun, Secretary of the Party Committee of Logistics Service Center, Mr. YANG Yongkun, Deputy Director of the Office, accompanied the visit.


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